Sickle bar mowers
20-75 HP (15-56 KW)
540 rpm - Cat. 1 & 2

The BEFCO BSB Sickle Bar Mower is not only suited for efficiently cutting hay but is also ideal for mowing around lakes, ponds, set-aside areas, conservation acreage, and ditch banks. The mower can mow 90° up and 55° down, adapting to various terrains. Powered by your tractor’s PTO, this mower mounts on your tractor’s Category I or II three-point hitch. Its double-action mechanism means that the sickle blades and teeth work opposite of one another therefore preventing material from getting jammed between the blades and allows for a maximum working speed of up to 9 mph. The standard cylinder stop mechanism allows the operator to raise the cutting bar using only the tractor’s hydraulic system.
Whether you’re maintaining large fields or tackling tight spaces, the BEFCO BSB Sickle Bar Mower provides efficient and reliable performance.

Main Features

  • 3 point linkage, cat. 1 & 2.
  • Double action sickle bar.
  • Single action hydraulic cylinder with restrictor.
  • Safety release standard on all units.
  • Transport lock bar secures cutting bar for
    transportation to and from field.
  • Transport blade guard standard.
  • Equipped with cylinder stop to raise cutting bar using tractor’s
    hydraulic system.
  • Ideal for mowing around lakes, ponds, set-aside, conservation
    acreage and ditch banks.
  • Delivered with extra cutting blade.
  • Heavy duty shielded pto shaft (1 3/8″ ASAE cat. 4).
  • Will mow 90° up and 55° down.
ModelHPHitchWorking widthOverall widthWeight lbsShip lbsWorking speed mphLift

Driveline 1 3/8"

BSB-27220-75Cat. 1 & 2



6287179HydraulicASAE cat. 4
BSB-28420-75Cat. 1 & 2



6507509HydraulicASAE cat. 4
BSB-29620-75Cat. 1 & 2



6727829HydraulicASAE cat. 4

WARNING: When using a quick hitch on a PTO driven implement, always ensure there is proper overlap prior to use. If there is not the minimum 6″ overlap, do not use. Contact your dealer to purchase a longer driveline.

90° up and 55° down mowing angles

BEFCO sickle bar mowers are designed to mow 90° up and 55° down and anywhere in between, making them ideal solutions for mowing around ponds, mowing ditch banks or even trimming small hedgerows.

Spring loaded upper blade guides

Spring loaded upper blade guides help prevent blades from overheating and allow for quick and easy blade replacement.

Heavy duty bolt-on serrated tooth sections

BEFCO is the only manufacturer to use heavy duty bolt-on serrated tooth sections. These sections are not only stronger that the competition but also feature 2″ spacing between each tooth (most competitors have 3″ spacing). The reduced spacing makes it harder for rocks to get wedged between the blades resulting in fewer failures to the cutting bar.

Evenly spaced skids

Unlike most competitors who only have skids at the ends of the cutting bars, BEFCO sickle bars have  evenly placed skids throughout the cutting bar. This allows for less bowing of the cutting bar and therefore less metal stress related failures.

Cast aluminum connecting rods with cooling fins

Cast aluminum rods lowers the weight of moving parts, dissipate heat faster also with the help of the cooling fins. Rods are assembled with sealed bearings that never require greasing.

Hydraulic cylinder with cutting bar raise lock.

All BEFCO sickle bars are delivered with a single action hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the cutting bar. Cylinders are equipped with a flow adjustment valve that allows operator to adjust the speed at which the cutting bar is lowered. Cutting bar raise lock at the end of cylinder allows operator to raise the cutting bar, using the tractor hydraulic remote and turn around so that end of field maneuvers can be carried out without ever having to raise the three point hitch.

Easy belt inspection and tensionning

Sickle bar mowers are equipped with our unique belt tensionning system that allows operator to verify the correct belt tension without even having to remove the belt shield.

ASAE Cat. 1 quick hitch compatible

Compatible with ASAE Cat. 1 quick hitches.

Operator’s & Parts manual