Flail mowers

BEFCO flail mowers and shredders are built for use in vineyards, orchards, and recreation areas such as schoolyards and parks. All of our flail mowers and shredders feature an an electronically balanced rotor. The flail mowers can be equipped with five different types of blades tailored to each operators needs. The different blade options make quick work of grass, grapevine shoots, saplings, and tree prunings. Flail mowers may also be equipped with dethatching blades that will help rejuvenate your lawn and eliminate all thatch stuck between the grass roots. All mowers utilize gearboxes that are manufactured and assembled in-house using the best components on the market. Our belt driven transmissions are equipped with cast iron individually balanced pulleys.


Flail mowers
16-40 HP

C30-CE5 grooming mowers are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to put their ATV or UTV to work. They are designed to either be pulled from behind using a standard cat.1 ball type hitch or pushed in front whenever your ATV/UTV can be equipped with a standard 2″ receiver.
The 60″ mowing width along with the high blade tip speed will allow any homeowner to accomplish their mowing job in a breeze. This is also thanks to the off-settable hitch on these finishing mowers that can be set to allow you to increase the total mowing width of your lawn tractor.


Flail mowers
30-70 HP

C30 grooming mowers are designed for homeowners with a tractor ranging from 16 to 30 Hp. They are the ideal alternative for those hard to install belly-mounted mowers for compact or sub-compact tractors. With three fixed blades and a floating Cat. 1 three point hitch, these mowers will give you a clean cut in al types of grasses.
C30 finishing mowers are available in 48″, 60″ and 72″ mowing widths.

Flail shredders

BEFCO Flex & Super-Flex gang grooming mowers  are designed for large mowing applications such as estates, turf farms, municipal parks, schoolyards, airports, grass landing strips and the fairways and roughs of golf courses. They are capable of mowing up to 15 acres per hour and are built to handle these volumes all day. Unlike other manufacturers who rely on outsourced components, the gearboxes on all our finishing mowers are all designed and manufactured in-house. This results in total control over the design and quality of bearings, seals, shafts and gears that go into these gearboxes.
When it comes to mowing quality, all of the mower decks on our Flex and Super-Flex gang mowers are free to float front to back and side to side, allowing each deck to follow the contour of the ground independently from the other decks. As a result of this, you will get the same mowing quality out of our gang mowers as you do out of a regular three point mounted three spindle grooming mower. Our pull behind gang mowers are available in sizes ranging from 12′ to 20′ and they  are designed for tractors ranging from 25 to 80Hp at the PTO.


Flail shredders
40-90 HP

Flex Gang Grooming Mowers are the ideal solution for large property owners that want a beautiful lawn but don’t want to spend all week-end mowing it. All mower decks are fully independent from the transport frame and therefore follow the contour of the ground freely. BEFCO’s unique double belt transmission. This design eliminates idlers and maximizes belt life. All Flex mowers feature a constant velocity driveline that allows them to achieve a zero-turn radius when mowing around trees and obstacles.