Rotary rakes
20-50 HP (15-37 KW)
540 rpm - Cat. 1 & 2

  • Heavy frame construction
  • Heavy duty shielded PTO shaft (1 3/8″ ASAE cat. 1)
    with ratchet torque limiter
  • Tubular steel tine arms
  • Large diameter pneumatic tires
  • Spring steel double hay tines
  • Easy tine arm removal system
  • Sturdy guard rail for added safety
  • Angled tines for high clearance
  • 3 point linkage, cat. 1 or 2

Working width

Weight lbs

# of Tine arms

# of Tines per arm

Driveline 1 3/8"



Cat. 1 & 2





ASAE Cat. 1

ratchet torque limiter

Floating hitch

Floating hitch on rotary rake allows unit to follow the contour of the ground perfectly and therefore prevent spring tines from picking any dirt and mixing it with the raked hay.

Heavy duty gearbox

Heavy duty gearbox with raking depth adjustment handle.

Easy tine arm removal

Tine arms are secured to the gearbox through a lynch pin and can easily be removed and stored on top of frame to minimize width for transport and storage. Guards also fold up.

Spring steel tines

Units are equipped with high strength spring steel double tine arms secured with one bolt for fast and easy removal and replacement when its time to replace them. DR0 rotary rakes have three spring tines per arm for a total 24 springs.

15″x6″ pneumatic tires

DR0 rotary rakes are equipped with two Ø 15″x6″ pneumatic tires.

Ratchet torque limiter

Cat. 1 driveline with ratchet torque limiter safety to prevent any damage to unit when tractor PTO is disengaged.

Operator’s & Parts manual – Model: DR0-308