Rotary tillers with side-shift
40-70 HP (30-52 KW)
540 - Cat. 1

  • Highly engineered & rugged gearbox
  • Adjustable side skids for working depth control
  • Heavy duty shielded PTO shaft with slip clutch safety (1 3/8″ ASAE cat. 6)
  • Flanged rotor shaft for easy removal & service
  • Parking stand
  • 3 point linkage, cat. 1
  • Max. working depth 8 3/4″
  • Lateral ASA #100 chain drive transmission in oil bath
  • Standard six blades per flange for greater stability and finer soil pulverization
  • Outward turned blades keep the rotor supports clean and maximize working width
  • Heavy duty full size blades
  • Wear protection on chain case
  • Max. working depth 8 3/4″


ModelHPWorking widthOverall widthWeight  lbsShip  lbs# flanges# blades Chain sprocketsRotor rpmMaximum Working depth


1 3/8"











8 3/4"

ASAE cat.6

slip clutch

WARNING: When using a quick hitch on a PTO driven implement, always ensure there is proper overlap prior to use. If there is not the minimum 6″ overlap, do not use. Contact your dealer to purchase a longer driveline.

Forward or reverse tilling rotation

BEFCO tillers may be set up with either a forward or reverse rotating rotor. When the rotor rotates forward the tiller will have a tendency to bury the rocks while when the tiller rotates backwards it will have a tendency to bring any rocks to the surface.

Gearbox manufactured by BEFCO

Unlike other manufacturers who purchase gearboxes from outside suppliers, BEFCO utilizes a gearbox built in-house using high strength steel for its gears and top of the line bearings and seals.

ASA 100  Chain drive

Lateral ASA 100 chain drive transmission in oil bath. Our chain transmissions are oversized specifically to avoid any downtime due to maintenance. Our Chain transmissions also offer over 180° gear coverage resulting in a smoother and better distributed power transmission.

Rotor supports

Rotor supports are made out of stamped steel making them more durable than those offered by competitors.

Flanged rotor shaft

The flanged rotor shaft allows operator to quickly disassemble the rotor from the tiller for easy and comfortable blade service and replacement.

Six blades per flange

The higher horsepower tractor for which this tiller is designed for, means that it is capable of handling the additional power requested for a rotor with six blades per flange.

Side skids

Side skids allow for tiller depth adjustment to be set anywhere from 0″ to 8 3/4″.

ASAE Cat. 1 quick hitch compatible

Compatible with ASAE Cat. 1 quick hitches.

Reverse rotation (factory installed)

RVRXXT70 reverse rotation.
With this option ordered, unit will arrive from the factory assembled with a reverse rotating tiller rotor.

Aerator rotor

0099175 aerator rotor for models T70-382.

Operator’s & Parts manual