Gang grooming mowers
35-80 HP (26-60 KW)
540 rpm - Pull-type​

  • Extra heavy duty transport frame
  • Cutting heights: from 1″ to 5″
  • Pull type mower with high floatation transport tires (23″x10.5″x12″)
  • Single action hydraulic folding wing system for easy transport & storage
  • 3 front antiscalping rollers standard
  • Telescoping wings that allow for adjustable cutting width to increase or decrease mower overlap
  • Constant velocity driveline with slip clutch (1 3/8″ ASAE cat. 6)
  • Stamped steel reinforced wheel arm attached by 8 bolts for maintaining a consistent cutting height
  • Stamped steel wheel yokes
  • Safety chain shield standard
  • 8 gauge reinforced mower decks
  • Single unit driveline with shear pin safety
  • Remote safety locks for local transport & deck kick out attachments
  • Completely independent free floating mowing decks for a perfect cut on uneven terrain
  • Unique double pivot floating linkage
  • 12 rubber tires with bearings (4 per deck) to guarantee a perfectly level cut
  • Wide high flotation air tires 13″x6.5″
  • Heavy duty, one piece, balanced steel pulleys
  • Two heavy duty reinforced belts per deck (SPBX)
  • Single unit gearboxes with cooling fins
  • Spiral gears guarantee strength and quietness


ModelHPWorking widthTransport widthTransport heightWeight lbs# of blades Cutting height# Belts

Avg. ac/hr.

Unit make-up


1 3/8"










8 at

6 mph.

2-4' mowers 1-5' mower

ASAE cat. 6 cv

slip clutch










10 at

6 mph.

2-5' mowers 1-6' mower

ASAE cat. 6 cv

slip clutch










12 at 6 mph.

3-6' mowers

ASAE cat. 6 cv

slip clutch










15 at 6 mph.

3-7' mowers

ASAE cat. 6 cv

slip clutch

Zero turn radius

The Frame design along with our main constant velocity driveline, allows BEFCO’s Cyclone Super-Flex mowers to circle trees and obstacles in one pass where competitors require multiple passes.

Heavy duty four way gearbox

The heavy duty main four way gearbox on the unit is manufactured by BEFCO and equipped with SKF® bearings to ensure quality and durability.

Individual mower gearboxes with spiral gears

Individual gearboxes are also manufactured by BEFCO and come equipped with spiral gears that ensure better power transmission, increase longevity and reduce noise.

Manual belt tensioning

Manual belt tensioner maintains constant tension on belts without stretching them like a typical spring loaded idler would. This means that belts last much longer and there is no spring loaded idler that needs to be disassembled at the end of the mowing season to prevent it from stretching the belts during the winter months.

Double belt transmission

Two heavy duty reinforced belts (SPBX) with manual tensioner provide over 180° coverage of all pulleys and reduce belt maintenance.

Cast iron pulleys

Heavy duty, individually balanced cast iron pulleys are more durable than steel or plastic ones often used by competitors and do not get damaged whenever serviced.

Axial grease fittings

Spindles are quipped with axial grease fittings that allow operator to grease spindle from the top without having to remove the belt shields.

Stamped steel reinforced wheel arms

Only BEFCO mowers are equipped with reinforced stamped steel wheel arms. These wheel arms are stronger than the ones made of bent tubing used by the competition and always guarantee a perfectly even surface for the mower to rest on.

Telescopic wings

The telescopic wings on the mowers allow for adjustable cutting width to increase or decrease mower overlap.

Floating linkage

Mower decks are secured to the main transport frame using a double pivot floating linkage that allows each deck to independently float side to side or front to back.

Front antiscalp roller

All Super-Flex mowers are equipped standard with front antiscalp rollers to help prevent scalping the ground when mowing over uneven terrain.

Hexagonal yokes

Hexagonal yokes on the front tires of the rear mower deck prevent the mower from sliding when going over slopes.

13″x6.5″ pneumatic tires

All Cyclone Super-Flex gang grooming mowers are equipped with 13″x6.5″ pneumatic tires with maintenance free sealed bearings.

Pins that stay in place

Mowers that use traditional cotter pins often lose them when the mower gets too close to a bush. This not only causes the loss of the pin but may also cause the loss of the height adjustment spacers and in some cases even the wheel yokes.
For this reason, BEFCO designed and manufactured a pin that will stay securely fastened under almost any circumstances.

Chain shielding

Mowers are equipped with chain shields to provide additional safety from thrown objects.

Equipped with genuine Bearing Buddy®, bearing protectors

All Super-Flex gang mowers are equipped with Bearing Buddy®, bearing protectors on the transport tires. Bearing protectors make it easy to visually check the amount of grease inside grease packed hubs. The internal spring piston exerts about 3 PSI against the grease to ensure that no moisture enters the hub. When properly maintained, there are no voids inside the hub where condensation can form during winter storage.

Narrow transport widths and heights

The compact transport widths and heights allow these mowers to be transported on narrow roads, bridges and tunnels.
91″ transport width and 74″ transport height for model 412-SFLA
97″ transport width and 92″ transport height for model 415-SFLA
100″ transport width and 103″ transport height for model 417-SFLA
114″ transport width and 116″ transport height for model 420-SFLA

Hydraulic unlocking system

0099817 hydraulic unlocking system

Floating hitch (additional)

0099597 Floating hitch

Roadway kit

0099599 Roadway kit

Mulching kit

0099556 Mulching kit for model 412-SFLA
0099557 Mulching kit for model 415-SFLA
0099558 Mulching kit for model 417-SFLA
0099559 Mulching kit for model 420-SFLA
Note: Mulching blades are also included in Mulching kits

Low lift blades

0006640F Low lift blade for 4′ mower deck
0006641F Low lift blade for 5′ mower deck
0006845F Low lift blade for 6′ mower deck
0006690F Low lift blade for 7′ mower deck

Standard blades

0006640 Standard blade for 4′ mower deck
0006641 Standard blade for 5′ mower deck
0006845 Standard blade for 6′ mower deck
0006690 Standard blade for 7′ mower deck

High lift blades

0006640B High lift blade for 4′ mower deck
0006641B High lift blade for 5′ mower deck
0006845B High lift blade for 6′ mower deck
0006690B High lift blade for 7′ mower deck

Mulching blades

0006640M Mulching blade for 4′ mower deck
0006641M Mulching blade for 5′ mower deck
0006845M Mulching blade for 6′ mower deck
0006690M Mulching blade for 7′ mower deck
Note: Mulching blades are also included in Mulching kits

Operator’s manual

Parts manual – Models: 412-SFL & 415-SFL

Parts manual – Models: 417-SFL & 420-SFL

Main driveline slip clutch repair instructions