Pendular spreaders
20-60 HP (15-45 KW)
540 rpm - Cat. 1

The BEFCO Turbo-Hop 301 Pendular Spreader is designed for tractors with 20-60 HP. Its sturdy tubular frame and heavy-duty cast steel gearbox ensure durability. The spreader features a corrosion-proof polyethylene hopper, making it ideal for distributing fertilizer, seed, salt, and sand with precision. Hoppers are available in either 576 or 820 ft/lbs capacities. Whether you need a full spread or left/right discharge pattern, the Turbo-Hop 301 pendulum spreader delivers accurate application. Its stainless steel opening control disc and cast iron anti-wear agitator enhance performance. The narrow hopper width suits tight applications like vineyards and nurseries.

Main Features

  • Sturdy tubular frame
  • Heavy duty cast steel gearbox in oil bath
  • Micrometric flow control adjustment
  • Ideal for the distribution of fertilizer, seed, salt and sand where accuracy and precision in application are needed
  • Full spread or left/right discharge pattern
  • Polyethylene hopper
  • Spreader spouts made of nylon and reinforced fiberglass
  • Stainless steel opening control disc
  • Cast iron anti-wear agitator
  • 3 point linkage, cat. 1
  • Heavy duty shielded PTO shaft (1 3/8″ ASAE cat. 1) with shock absorber and shear bolt safety
  • Safety shields standard
ModelHPWeight lbsShip lbsCapacity cu. ft/lbsSwath spreadHopper widthHopper height

Driveline 1 3/8"









ASAE cat. 1

shear bolt









ASAE cat. 1

shear bolt

NOTE: Capacity in lbs. calculated @ 13-13-13 fertilizer weight of 64 lbs. per cu. ft.

WARNING: When using a quick hitch on a PTO driven implement, always ensure there is proper overlap prior to use. If there is not the minimum 6″ overlap, do not use. Contact your dealer to purchase a longer driveline.

Adjustable spread pattern

The end spout on Turbo-Hop pendulum spreaders may be turned left, right or center depending on the direction you need to spread the material. Turn the spout upside down to reduce spread swath by half.

Gearbox by BEFCO

Unlike other pendulum spreaders that have all the moving elements out in the open, Turbo-Hop pendulum spreaders feature a fully enclosed gearbox, with gears in oil bath. This ensures durability and prevents costly and damaging rust build up on moving parts.

Stainless steel distribution unit

At the bottom of the hopper is a stainless steel distribution unit and a stamped steel agitator to keep material flowing through to the end spout.

Graded scale

The graded adjustment scale makes selecting the desired opening position a quick and easy task.

Polyethylene hopper

While other pendulum spreaders utilize fiberglass hoppers that are easily damaged on impact and weather poorly in the elements, Turbo-Hop pendulum spreaders use corrosion proof, impact resistant polyethylene hoppers that still look new after years of exposure to the elements.

ASAE Cat. 1 quick hitch compatible

Compatible with ASAE Cat. 1 quick hitches.

Short spout

0099452 Short spout for sand and salt

Left & Right only directional attachment

0095370 Left & right only directional attachment

Locking nut for spout

0014984 Locking nut for spout

Rubber insert for damp materials

0099451 Rubber insert for damp materials

Agitator extension

00999453 Agitator extension

Filter grate

0099913 Filter grate

Hopper cover

0099722 Hopper cover for model 301-300
0099723 Hopper cover for model 301-400

Hydraulic control

0099456 Hydraulic control

Operator’s manual – Models: 301-300 & 301-400

Parts manual – Models: 301-300 & 301-400

Operator’s & Parts manual – Models: 301-350