In order for the mower to work properly, and to always obtain a precision cut with lower HP requirements, proper mower blade maintenance and replacement is important. Blades must be kept sharp, at their original length and corner maintained. A blade must be replaced if, due to wear or damage, its original shape has been distorted.

mower blade maintenance and replacement
 WARNING: To avoid possible injury, always wear proper eye and hand protection when servicing mower blade.
mower blade maintenance and replacement

Removing or installing blades

If the blades need to be removed, do the following:

1. The blade turns in a counter clockwise (CCW) direction when viewed from the bottom of the deck. The cutting edge must be towards the direction of rotation. The lift wing of the blades is closest to the deck and the cutting edge away from it.

2. Install the cup washer over the blade bolt and secure the blade in place as described above.

3. With a wrench, block the spindle and tighten the bolt to 140N.m., 103ft. lbs.

4. To remove the blades reverse the procedure.

mower blade maintenance and replacement
WARNING: Do not substitute blades or any bolt for the retaining bolt. Company blades and bolts are specially made for this application. Using non original parts can effect the quality of cut and may also cause damage to the mower.
mower blade maintenance and replacement
DANGER: Proper torque must be used when tightening the blade retaining bolt. If these safety precautions are not followed, the blade could come off during operation and be thrown hundreds of feet from the mower.

Sharpening blades

Blade sharpening is extremely important in order to get the best cutting results. Sharp blades permit a high quality cut and also reduces HP thus lowering cost. To sharpen blades, first remove them following the above instructions. Place the blade in a vise and sharpen them by using a hand file or grinder. Do not sharpen the blades to a sharp edge. The cutting edge should be between 1/64″ to 1/32″ to prevent excessive pitting and dulling of blades. Sharpen both ends of the blade equally for balance and always maintain corners. Always keep all three blades sharpened equally in order to maintain balance.

mower blade maintenance and replacement
CAUTION: Unbalanced or warped blades can cause damage to the mower and/or personal injury. Replace damaged blades before operating the mower. Sharpen both ends  of the mower blades equally or until the blade is balanced.